Kenya Team


Allie Amoroso

CO-FOUNDER & Executive Director

Visionary and social impact entrepreneur of ROSE Women’s Foundation. Allie first came to Kenya as a student from the University of Virginia in 2016. She wrote her thesis on Social Entrepreneurship as a Needs Assessment that inspired the beginning ROSE Women’s Foundation. Allie left her technology startup job in San Francisco in 2018 to lead ROSE full-time and today happily lives in Nairobi, Kenya.


Patrick Juma

CO-FOUNDER & Operations Director

Dedicated headmaster of DayStar Primary School, the education partner and beneficiary of ROSE education school fees matching program. Patrick started DayStar Primary in 2014 and partnered with ROSE in 2016 to cater to the needs of women parents in the community. Patrick grew up in Mathare, the low income community of Nairobi where all ROSE is based. University educated, Patrick is a highly respected member of the Mathare community by men, women, children alike.


Tom Emoos


Full-stack software engineer with 10+ years of experience coding web applications. Designing digital platform for ROSE women to transact, save, and promote a foundation of transparency. Tom grew up in Mathare and won a digital design competition that provided scholarship and opportunity to go to Strathmore University and study computer science.



Head of Women’s Businesses

Jane is a ROSE Women’s Business Leader herself and serves on the executive committee as leader of all the ROSE business groups. Jane’s business group is our top performing group that has increased savings 600% in 2 years because of ROSE savings program. She only has a primary school education, but is empowered to lead the ROSE women’s community of 200 people.

“ROSE taught me how to save, and grow my business.”

Head Teacher -  Blah?

Nicolas, Brayern, Sharon & Kanyen

Kenyatta University Volunteers

ROSE Women’s Foundation university volunteers provide mentorship and tutoring to community children at Saturday School. Majority of our volunteers come from the neighbourhood we serve and grew up as sponsored children themselves.They also support ROSE in program maintenance and execution of community events. We are blessed to have 15 community volunteers today and always looking for more helping hands!


International Team


Andy Wang

Director of Strategic Finance

UC Berkeley Undergraduate, Environmental Economics and Finance


Camila De Vincenzo


Amazon Music, UX Designer & Brand Lead of Design, San Francisco, CA


Chandler Amoroso


Client Success and Marketing Manager at Sparksight Direct


Board of Directors


Allie Amoroso

Co-Founder, Startup Technology Social Entrepreneur


Kathryn Flynn

Small Business Owner & Red Cross Leader

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Rhonda & Bill Amoroso

Education & Business Owner and Veterinarian


Steve Connor

Entrepreneur & Startup Technology Investor