Give to ROSE, Change lives!


$10/Month, sponsors 1 child’s school fees.
$100/Month, 4 needy family care packages and school supplies.
$500/Month, 200 mother’s leadership & business coaching.
$800/Month, 400 children feeding program of 2 meals/day.

$1000/Month, Community Sustainable Business Investment

Our needs today:

ROSE is actively fundraising for:

  • 2 computers for kids tech education, women’s businesses and school reporting to go digital.

  • Video marketing technology, cameras & staff.

  • Sustainable community investment, projects designed and pitched by the community to ROSE counsel for startup funding.

Every dollar, no matter how big or small, changes the lives of hundreds of families in Kenya. Join us today!

Children's Sponsorship Fund

Children’s Education

$10/Month provides 1 Child opportunity to an education. Please help us keep the 400+ children of DayStar Primary in school. Every dollar counts! We encourage monthly support of children’s long-term education.

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Women Entrepreneurs

ROSE supports 200 micro-entrepreneurs with startup capital, materials and sustainability coaching to grow businesses that will give dignity and economic security.


Empower women, Empower community.

ROSE needs monthly supporters to keep the mission alive. Please consider sponsoring our general support fund to allow for the longevity and growth of our programs.