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What is ROSE all about?

Watch this video from Co-Founder and Executive Director Allie Amoroso as she speaks about Rose’s mission. She moved full-time to Kenya in August 2018 after this video was filmed. Today, the ROSE community encompasses 200 women entrepreneurs, 400+ children K-12, 15 volunteers from local Kenyan universities, and 4 full-time staff in Kenya. Join us today!


Breaking the cycle of poverty through women-led sustainable small business and children’s education. We are one community of hundreds of women micro-entrepreneurs in Nairobi, Kenya. Empowered by trusted community, education, and innovation we build small businesses and sponsor children’s education to build a brighter future.

Women face an unequal burden of poverty, often abandoned, abused and providing for 5+ children or loved ones in shanty 10”x10” tin sheet homes.

“Empowering women, is empowering an entire community”

Founders, ROse women’s foundation


Empower women and children through faith, entrepreneurship, and education.


Hope to all Humanity.


  • Coach women leaders in small business community to save and plan for brighter futures!

  • Empower mothers to pay school fees through school fee matching and group savings plans.

  • Lead community empowerment model based on sustainable business and Christian values.

“ROSE made us beautiful, now we are ONE community”

- Lilian, ROSE Member

ROSE Children’s Education Sponsorship, Women’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs lift thousands of lives out of poverty through hope, spiritual growth, and economic empowerment.

The 12 ROSE women-led small businesses grew from $0 - $800 in savings over the last two years. The community empowerment model allows women to become leaders and problem solvers in a sustainable way. Women empower each other to compete in the market, leverage the peer networks to boost income stability, and community problem solve. Mentorship, business coaching, and access to local resources, ROSE business groups form a thriving small business ecosystem.

ROSE gives us the community and confidence to pray, save, plan, and lead others into a new abundant life. Through a monthly school fee savings plan, ROSE empowers women in business groups to save and receive school fee matching for over 400 children.

We access business classes, adult education classes, subsidised health care, mental health resources, discipleship training and yoga teacher training through our partnerships. 



ROSE made us beautiful, now we are ONE community.”




2019 Goals: Education & Sustainability

ROSE business leaders collaborate on problems solving strategies in weekly meetings. New partnerships in 2019 will provide in-depth business education, Christianity exploration and education, and strategic planning for sustainability. (names of partners coming soon . . . )

Education Opportunities

  • DayStar Primary School Mobile School Fee Matching: ($2,000/month)

    ROSE is collecting and matching digital payments for all ROSE business group members using MPesa. Incentive women’s business groups to save together and plan together. We are testing the efficacy of mobile money for school fees matching and transparency.

  • DayStar Primary School Infrastructure Renovations: ($50,000)

    DayStar, (K-8, with 400+ children) is one of the neediest schools in Nairobi. Overcrowding, flooding, lack of books, poor air quality, and lack of food storage are major problems. We must improve these conditions to provide a safe environment for education programs to continue.

  • Saturday School for Innovation ($1,500/month)

    Hundreds of women and children gather on Saturdays twice a month to explore talents beyond books and business. We specifically target the neediest families, abandoned and abused women, and street children to join our community. Opportunities for guest speakers, workshops, and skills exploration for women and children.

Business Sustainability, Investing in the Future

  • ROSE Water: Our team invested in a water station and employed the neediest women in ROSE to sell water for $1.50/month to the local community. This profit sustains part of our new investments into micro-ventures and employee salaries.
    (Projected Income: $250/month)  

  • ROSE Internet Cafe & Technology Training School: Trained technology professionals and university volunteers provide classes to community youth and local schools for $5/hour in graphic design, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and typing.
    (Projected Income: $500/Month)

Evaluating new projects…

Virtual Training and Mentorship for skills training and international collaborations.

Knitting for Knowledge, ROSE seamstresses will be trained to knit and access a new market to partially support education facilities for ROSE.

Mobile Technology Piloting working with startups in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology that leverage the ROSE women’s business network and sponsor connectivity.


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